mother’s day

grandma maggie

i have always longed to mother. friends, siblings, animals, elders. and i have, at times even well. a cup of tea. something for that heartache. bandages and balm for the broken bits. on occasion too bossy or indignant, but always with good intention. only sometimes with the silent fear of loss.

i have watched women welcome the children of their womb with open arms. outside and in all at once. messy with life and blood and tears and joy and pain. and i have longed for that too. every part of it. i am not afraid.

but to mother, i must believe, does not require it. to mother is to teach. to give of yourself. to forsake your own comfort to ensure another’s. to chase the precious, fleeting moments. to mother is to hope and pray and work and wait and love even when it hurts. even when it splits you open wide.

happy mother’s s day to all you selfless, wild women. all you constant, silent pillars. i pray you know your work’s worth. and if, like me, you wait for the weight of motherhood in those outstretched arms…i pray you know today is already yours.


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