the first snow

olive in snowsnow viewrunjackymerle plyalogrunnpackageblackened snownew

christmas eve brought the first snow to mountain ranch since we bought our home. as we crested the hill where it once stood our eyes took in the expanse of burnt and fallen trees touched everywhere with white. it looked as if someone had iced them carefully. we held hands while exploring our acreage, boots crunching as our breath turned to fog in front of our faces. we stood still for a while. other than the sound of the dogs’ paws hitting powder, it was silent when the sky began to fall again. we warmed ourselves inside the trailer, exchanging one small gift. it was hard not to pity myself the loss of the first snow inside our home, bundled up next to the wood stove, green trees out our window. but i keep coming back to the last photograph i took that day and…i can almost see spring in those three blades of grass.


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