jam day!


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in spite of jack’s regretful absence our fourth annual gathering was a sweet success. we laughed that we’d finally found our groove in joy’s kitchen. sharing pieces of the months in between our last meeting as we measured, poured, stirred, and canned. nobody burned themselves and nobody (i) didn’t forget the sugar in the last batch of pomegranate jelly. we danced in between the stove, cutting board, and mixer (with an attachment i now covet, perfect for making applesauce or for all those tomatoes i plan to have at the end of next summer) passing the baby between hips and laughing at the stories our friends have gathered raising young children. i missed seeing my husband snickering over obscure internet videos with the others, playing poker and drinking beer, leaving together to pick up pizzas and asking ezra if he was okay being left with all the ladies. but i can see us all together again and again in the years to come. as we age and change. as our families grow. i look forward to always making this tradition a priority. i look forward seeing these people i’ve called friends for the better part of a decade hold my long awaited babies and i look forward to hosting! we were unable to follow through with our plan to this year, but i can’t think of a better way to break in the kitchen in our new home or better people with whom to do it.


photos 3,4,8 & 10 are credited to my dear friend michelle.


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