in the kitchen

relish 1food processecinamonpersimmon butterrelish 2 (2)relish 3coffee break

there’s a sweet lady just outside of modesto that grows the best persimmons. every fall my mother, grandmother, and i split a box and race to see who can eat them all before they go bad. i usually find people to give them to before letting any go to waste, but this year i wanted to try something new. i found a wonderful persimmon butter recipe here and gave this fermented relish a go as well. i was literally eating the butter off the spoon before the mixture had cooled and i still can’t believe how simple it was, no added sugar either! fermented foods are this girl’s best friend (and i had leftover cranberries) so i’m anxious to see how it turns out after i let it bubble on the counter for a couple days. if you have a tree or access to a good fruit stand at least give this butter a try, i promise you won’t regret it. i’ll just be over here eating way too much sourdough so i have something to smear it on.


in related news: the pretty green food processor pictured was my first big kitchen purchase since the fire. i used my old one a lot, but this one has been sitting in the box for some time. even if it wasn’t in my own kitchen…breaking it in felt really, really good.


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