if i’m honest

if i’m honest most holiday joys for me are accompanied by a small ache in the very bottom of my stomach. a churning sadness. an unidentifiable longing. i felt it even as a child, somehow knowing before it ended that i would miss the being under one roof. that i would miss the magic and the tradition. i am only now starting to decide my own, but i am thankful for a family that comes together. i am thankful that inspite of all we’ve been through…all we are going through, we still love and protect each other fiercely. that we still belly laugh and sing along to each other’s songs. i am thankful that most of us are learning to be honest about the things that broke our hearts because it’s the only way to heal and i’m thankful for berry pie and haagen dazs vanilla ice cream.table


leg lamp


thanksgiving appetizer



One thought on “if i’m honest

  1. Oh, how my heart swells with the tears of joy and gratitude. I know that my family lives on in these words and sentiments – the oneness of love that celebrates itself in all conditions, in good or bad times, in this life or the next!


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