next year

this afternoon as we entered our gate for the second time since the fire, my heart sunk to see the number of trees marked with dark red x’s. we took our time touching them. stooping to see what we could find in the ash. forks still laying in the metal basket that kept them organized in our silverware drawer. a thermos i bought for jack to take to work on cold mornings. a piece of pottery he made his junior year of high school, his initials and the year still clearly visible on the bottom. but miracle of all miracles the pine sapling fence he built still stands. inside it our garden had exploded in our absence. ripe fruit hanging from brittle branches. fire roasted jalapenos and too many heirlooms to carry in our hands. anyone who gardens knows what finicky and particular plants bell peppers are. this summer i felt i had finally gotten a hang of their idiosyncrasies and before the fire i was only days away from picking my first, perfect pepper. today i got the chance. and for a moment i caught myself dreaming.

old oaksilverware

thermos potterygarden


7 thoughts on “next year

  1. I would like to invite you to an event at the Mountain Ranch Town Hall this evening from 6-8 pm. I am working with some professionals from the Hospice of Amador & Calaveras – to aid people through their grieving processes. I would like to share your thoughts at the town hall for individuals who are still struggling with their own grief. Would you mind if I share your blog and posts with those who attend tonight?

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    1. Felicia, I would be honored if you shared any of my posts and photos with those who attend! My writing has been one the best ways to deal with all the emotions this experience has and continues to elicit. If it can help even one other person going through what we are that would make me so happy. I am working today in Sonora and am often late getting back, but if I can make it this evening I will! Thank you so much for reaching out, will there be other events such as this?


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