right now

this morning i finished a book i found hiding in a dusty corner of an old pawn shop in downtown jackson last week. i paid my $5, buried my nose in it’s pages as we walked out the door, and i haven’t put it down since. these women were made of something far grittier than grit. not sure there’s a word for it, but i sure as hell don’t have anything to complain about. if you can’t find a copy, i’m willing to let you borrow mine. some books are so good you have no choice but to give them away.
women's diaries

book 2

i started a camera fund….so far i have four dollars. most of which is in quarters. just want something a little more suited to capturing the light. i’ve also taken to spray painting things with a can of metallic paint i found in the shed. like the terracotta pot pictured below. i got most of it on my hands, but was happy with the end results.

camera fund


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